Linmac and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar – Rottnest Channel Swim 2005 – 2017

Back in 2005, the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School approached me to assist with their group of students who were participating in the Rottnest Swim. This first team was a team of 4 boys who placed 12th in their category on the day. Since then I have participated in escorting the Grammar teams every year (Except 2009 when the event was cancelled due to bad weather). The teams over the years have varied between girls, boys or mixed teams in the youngest age category allowed in the event.

We had a team of volunteers to crew the Inflatable Rubber Boat and Kayak to run alongside and transfer these swimmers on and off the big boat, which was often challenging for all concerned due to unpredictable weather conditions.   Greg Bishop and Mitch McCoy have been with us every year to assist and support the School in their endeavours.  I can say without hesitation that all involved have found the experience rewarding, especially being part of the achievements of the swimmers!

Linmac also sponsor the uniforms every year for Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School as part of Linmac’s commitment to community support.

Lindsay McCoy

 Testimonial from Bob Marshall

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fantastic experience some 140 students have experienced in competing in the Rottnest Channel Swim would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the unwavering support of people like Lindsay McCoy of Linmac Bearing Equipment.

Lindsay was introduced to our programme in 2005 when we desperately needed a boat and skipper to escort one of our teams in the Rottnest Channel Swim.  He proved to be an enthusiastic supporter of the concept and over the next 12 years supported the programme by introducing other community members as support crews and sponsoring new ideas like team uniforms for all concerned.

Most of all, it was his positive encouragement of the teams under his care each year that made Lindsay one of a kind!

R (Bob) Marshall
Coach and Coordinator Swimming

Indigenous Workabout Engagement Strategy

“At Linmac we are committed to supporting a diverse workplace, everyone in our team understands that all people have a unique contribution to our company goals and the supply of our products and services.“

Part of our diversity initiative is that Linmac is dedicated to supporting and implementing an Indigenous Engagement Strategy across all of our work fronts. We aim to create a culturally aware workspace in which we engage and support Indigenous people by providing jobs and training.

We are currently working alongside local Noongar Elder, Dean Wynne, who is a highly respected member of his community and the director of his company, Indigenous Workabout. The company was founded in 2006 in Perth with the intention of mentoring young Indigenous people back into the workforce.  Dean is a strong believer in the healing effect of work. He believes that part of the reason for the success of Indigenous Workabout is the strong Noongar role-models.  He goes “darbakarn” – slowly – with the new workers, allowing them to develop with his strong support, and the results have been excellent.

Dean’s role with Linmac is to introduce and recruit Indigenous people to the company for work placement, with ongoing mentoring and support, and also providing feedback to Linmac as to how our work environment accepts and supports this strategy. Dean and his employees have enriched our workplace.

“Red Ochre Consulting is currently in a partnering arrangement with the exciting organisation Indigenous Workabout, the brainchild of Dean Wynne.  Red Ochre founder and director Adrian Colley says Dean is as a well-respected Noongar man of the Great Southern region, admired for his work as a leader and mentor of Aboriginal people and youth in particular. Dean’s expertise has been noted in his work in Western Australian schools helping and guiding Noongar students and community. Red Ochre believes the work Dean and Indigenous Workabout is carrying out will assist more Aboriginal people into the workforce and be of value to the wider community in general. A good example of this is the arrangement now in place with Linmac.”