Linmac Bearing Equipment Achievements

Upon receiving a call from a southwest mining client at 7pm requesting we mobilise to site at 9pm that night to assist with a breakdown of a critical conveyor to the load out. Linmac was able to mobilise directly to site, identify a solution to the breakdown of a take up tail pulley. The solution required steel fittings to be machined and welded to threaded rod and replacement bearings to be identified and sourced.

One of our teams was available for a 6am start onsite with all parts, equipment and tooling ready to complete the job and get our clients critical equipment back online and back into production.

Linmac are in a unique position to be able to offer machining, welding and fabrication services 24/7 right next door to our bearing and industrial supply warehouse and showroom. This allows unrivalled ability to respond quickly to provide a turnkey solution to urgent requirements. 

A Pilbara based mining client requested a team including supervision and tooling to fly out the next morning. We were asked to prepare for an impending bearing failure on their production critical reclaimer tail pulley.

During the planning stage it was decided it would be more efficient to replace the bearing rather than the entire pulley. Linmac had mobilised our specialised tooling container to site already stocked with a full range of HMV nuts, ready for any task that may need to be completed.

While waiting for the call to be made to bring the reclaimer down, another conveyor pulley had a bearing failure on a conveyor line to a stacker. Our team and equipment were able to quickly respond to plan and replace this pulley also.

In four shifts our team and equipment were able to respond, mobilise, plan and complete two breakdown tasks to get our clients critical equipment back online and into production with no incidents or injuries.

Linmac is able to respond quickly with trained and experienced people to find the best solution to any rotating equipment failure.

Roy Hill